Know God, Know Peace

At Calvary Braid Valley, our “mission statement,” is: To Know Jesus and Make Him Known.  It is a wonderful thing to consider that God is not just knowable, but the Lord wants to be known. He wants YOU to know him. It is in knowing the Lord that you will personally know peace because you have met and then follow the Prince of Peace himself!

During the COVID pandemic, peace has fled away from so many of us. The future is clouded with uncertainty and the path of the road before us has taken a sharp curve. This is all so unsettling – unless you know the Prince of Peace. That is the purpose of Calvary Braid Valley

We want to help you to know him better. And we want to help you meet him if you have not already done so. We want you to know peace.

When we know the Lord, we can’t help but want to make him known to others. As believers in Christ, our lives are a reflection of God, who dwells in the believer by the Holy Spirit and all that we do will reflect Him to onlookers. Whether we like it or not, our lives are a book read by others. So we want to help make your ‘story’ to be a masterpiece when it’s read by others!

One way we help is through Bible study. Below is the link to the latest midweek Bible study series we are doing – a study through the Book of Isaiah. He lived in uncertain times and a look at the words of the Lord that came through him will give us confidence, hope – and yes, peace for our own troubling times.

Below is the link is to Calvary Braid Valley’s YouTube channel where all of the teachings (Sunday morning and mid-week) can be found:

We are now back to meeting on Sunday mornings at Broughshane House in the centre of the village of Broughshane. We gather Sunday mornings at 11:00. We are casual, come dressed in what you are comfortable in and prepare your heart and your mind to receive teaching and instruction from the word of God, the Bible. For more information on directions to where we meet, click on the When / Where link

God bless you. We hope you will thrive in life.

The band Casting Crowns have this song that has put into words exactly what is the heart of we want to see happen at CBV. You might want to give it a listen.

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